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Hi, I'm Lei Yang! Welcome to my homepage :)

I study Computer Science at Peking University as an undergraduate student, and I do research at school's Center for Energy-efficient Computing and Applications. My research focus is on Wireless Systems and Computer Networks. You may view my profile here on the lab's webisite. Plus, I work as a network administrator at school's Network Operations Center, responsible for managing campus LAN in student dormitory buildings. Research wise, I'm also working with Stanford Networked System Group at Stanford University on Wireless Systems.

Technology fascinates me a lot, and I am most interested in opensource, networking and electronics. For relaxation, I enjoy hiking and travelling. I'm also a fan of railway, aviation and Japanese animes. Plus, I am a licensed amateur radio operator. My callsign is BH1UNB. Check out my profile in the QRZ.com database.



我的兴趣有开源软件、计算机网络、电子、铁路、航空和ACG。我也喜欢徒步和旅游。另外,我还是业余无线电爱好者。我的呼号是 BH1UNB。 请在 QRZ.com 上查找我的信息

OpenPGP Public Key

My identity can be viewed at keybase.io/yangl1996. You may fetch my OpenPGP public key there :)

我的在线身份可以到 keybase.io/yangl1996 确认,那里有我的 OpenPGP 公钥。


I've been blogging independently in Chinese for seven years. My blog is focused on opensource, Linux, electronics and travelling. Please check it out at blog.yangl1996.com.

我有一个写了七年的独立博客,内容主要有开源软件、Linux、电子和旅游。请访问 blog.yangl1996.com