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I'm an undergraduate student at Department of Computer Science, Peking University, and a research intern at school's Center for Energy-efficient Computing and Applications. You can find me on the lab's website here. I also work as a network administrator at school's Network Operations Center. This fall I'll be joining the Networks and Mobile Systems Group (NMS) at MIT's Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (MIT CSAIL). My research is focused on Computer Networks and Networked Systems.

Technology fascinates me a lot, and I am most interested in networks, opensource and electronics. For relaxation, I enjoy hiking and travelling. I'm also a fan of railway, aviation and Japanese animes. Plus, I am a licensed amateur radio operator. My callsign is BH1UNB. Check out my profile in the QRZ.com database.


我目前是北京大学计算机系的本科学生,在北京大学高能效计算与应用中心做科研实习。另外,我在学校计算中心担任学生网管。今年秋天起我将在MIT CSAIL继续我的学业。

我的兴趣有开源软件、计算机网络、电子、铁路、航空和ACG。我也喜欢徒步和旅游。另外,我还是业余无线电爱好者。我的呼号是 BH1UNB。请在 QRZ.com 上查找我的信息

OpenPGP Public Key

Check out my OpenPGP public key on Keybase :)

我的在线身份可以到 keybase.io/yangl1996 确认,那里有我的 OpenPGP 公钥。


I've been blogging in Chinese for seven years. My blog is focused on opensource, Linux, networks, electronics and travelling. Check it out at blog.yangl1996.com.

我有一个写了七年的独立博客,内容主要有开源软件、Linux、网络、电子和旅游。请访问 blog.yangl1996.com